The Neighbourhood

Bird's eye view

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Thanks to its unique harbour position, Hobsonville Point has enjoyed a rich and varied history. Locations and street names will be drawn from local history to ensure an enduring link to the area’s past.

Many original buildings will be retained and upgraded for use as residential, commercial or recreational facilities by the wider community, adding a new touch of history to this area. 

The Coastal Linear Park is currently under development and will become a  4km walkway that forms a circuit around two thirds of the Hobsonville Point site and features opportunities for play, integrated art, resting places, and visual reminders of the area’s history. It is designed to make the most of the coast for residents and visitors, and the majority of the walkway hugs the coastal edge. In order to form a loop there is also an inland section which crosses the site at Hobsonville Point Park. When it is finished it will provide residents and visitors with a wide, walkable path from which they can enjoy a diverse range of sights and experiences, including being:  close to the harbour  amongst native bush  up high in the treetops  on a waterfront promenade  connected to the area’s history  part of the community. 

Hobsonville Point is truly one of Auckland’s coastal treasures.

A place to live, learn, work and play.

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