Environmentally Responsible

Environmentally Responsible Future Proof Homes

Environmentally responsible housing starts with a smart design. At Hobsonville Point every home has been architecturally designed and assessed by the Hobsonville Point Design Review Panel to ensure that each house is desirable, affordable, healthy and functional. Houses are designed to a specially created Design Guide, unique to Hobsonville Point, which has principles that seek to reduce the energy and water consumption in the house. Other features include;

  • House orientation to optimise the number of sunny spots in the house and in the garden.
  • Window size and location designed to reduce heat loss on southern elevations to optimise heating on the northern elevations.
  • Extra insulation in the roof and walls to create efficiency of heating and cooling.
  • Smart meters will be able to provide you with up to minutes information on your energy usage and let you know when peak and off peak rates are being applied so you can actively reduce your consumption to save money
  • Water tanks to capture rain water for re-use in the laundry, toilets and for external use. This means the average home will save about $100 per year and help reduce demands on the drinking water supply.
  • Window double glazing which assists to clock out noise and also to keep the home well insulated.
  • An efficient hot water system comprising of either a heat pump hot water system of a solar hot water system. Each way each home will save approximately $200-$400 per year and reduce power consumption.